March 2018 Newsletter


It is time for the American tax season! Which means I will be at the office, filing taxes, and questioning government decisions more than I usually do. This is my sixth year as a tax preparer, and twelfth year working in a tax office. Show some love to your tax preparer by gathering your documents together all organized and neat like before making your annual trip. If you wish to do it yourself, or are just curious, you can find all the forms, instructions, and publications for free at They do have that “Free File” thing, but I don’t recommend it since there are a lot of restrictions and there is no guarantee you can do your State return for free. More like “Free* (* Terms and conditions apply.) File”. Nothing is ever truly free.

Commissions will be closed until May 1st.

Hope to hear from you soon! Be safe!

Current Specials

Commissions will be closed from January 1st to May 1st.

Question and Answer Spotlight

Q: “Did you go to art school?”

A: Nope. Studied what I know all by myself through observation, encyclopedias on bones and geology, and books like Figure Drawing for All It’s Worth.

Standard Available Sizes:

4″x6″ – 5″x7″ – 8″x10″ – 9″x12″ – 11″x14″ – 14″x17″ – 16″x20″ – 18″x24″

Ask about custom sizes.

Children & Adults, Pets & Animals, Houses & Buildings, Fantasy Alterations

Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversaries, Memorials, Graduations, Promotions, Holidays

Any special occasion and normal occasions!

Order at: Ashe’s Site | Etsy | eBay

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