Month: June 2017

June 2017 Newsletter


It would seem the 4″x6″ character sketch cards were a mild success, so they are now permanent.

I now offer bookmarks! The front is a full image, while the back has a bordered image and an optional title. Current sizes offered are 2″x6″ and 1.5″x6″.

Etsy has made it is mandatory to enable “Etsy Payments”, which means I will be upping my prices on Etsy to offset the double in fees that they are charging me. A total of 6.5% + 55¢, ugh. Including Paypal, that is now 9.4% + 75¢. Still better than eBay’s 10% + Paypal and Artists&Clients 15%, I guess. As always, my site is the cheapest way to order from me, and I can use Paypal Invoices to make them “more legit” if you want the added security. Plus they make such lovely invoices!

Hope to hear from you soon! Be safe!

Current Specials

Father’s Day:
Additional 10% off for gifts to fathers.
June 1st to June 30th.
Summer Sale:
20% off all orders involving water, such as a scene at the pool, on the river, by the ocean, etc. Does not include Character Sketches.
June 20th to September 20th.

All sales, discounts, and promotions are applied before shipping charges.

Question and Answer Spotlight

Q: “Can you draw a tattoo for me?”

A: Eh, maybe. I’m not a tattoo artist, but I have made a few in the past for friends. Drop me a line and I’ll consider it.

Standard Available Sizes:

4″x6″ – 5″x7″ – 8″x10″ – 9″x12″ – 11″x14″ – 14″x17″ – 16″x20″ – 18″x24″

Ask about custom sizes.

Children & Adults, Pets & Animals, Houses & Buildings, Fantasy Alterations

Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversaries, Memorials, Graduations, Promotions, Holidays

Any special occasion and normal occasions!

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