Celebration Sale!

I know I’ve been quiet for a few months, and I do apologize for that. It’s been very hectic, tense, and stressful these past few months. And not just because my main income is from being an income tax preparer. Quite a bit of bad news over the past few months. But I’ve also gotten some good news! We’ll have a new member of the family at the end of summer, so I am celebrating (and fundraising) by offering a sale until August. And I recently completed invoice #100, so happy milestone there as well.

The sale will combine with my newsletter discount and any holiday discounts I’m offering. So if you time it right, you could get an artwork for 45% off.

I’d also like to announce the release of a new type of drawing offered.

I offered these once before some years ago, but it never went anywhere. I’ve had a few inquiries since then and I am going to tentatively bring them back. If it goes well then I reckon I’ll make them a permanent addition.

Like it says above. This will be a relaxed transaction. I’ll do a quick sketch with just some rough line work and basic shading on a 4″x6″ card like the examples. No advanced/detailed pencil work like with the rottweiler. Some sketch lines will likely show. Likely to be done in one sitting with little to no adjustments after it’s finished. Unlike my typical commission slots where I badger you to death making sure it’s just perfect nigh every step of the way. (Well, maybe not to death but I do make sure you are happy with it before I ship it.) And I reckon if anybody wants a quick portrait done like this, they’re welcome to it as well.

Just $5 through Paypal. If you want it shipped to you, add $1 for S&H and I’ll slip it into the mail in a standard First-Class envelope. $3 S&H if you live outside the USA.

Same ol’ principles, policies, and limitations as my other commissions. Except the digital copies of this will be just a 150dpi (600×900 px) and a 300dpi (1200×1800 px), and I won’t be mailing out a CD. Sales and discounts also don’t apply to these things ’cause they’re pretty cheap as is.

The website has also had some work done to it. A few cosmetic changes, some work on the backend to make it tiny-screen friendly, some backend work to fix what the webhost broke, and a few new things in the store. There’s now a little estimate script if you would like a quick quote. Drop on by and check it out sometime. :)



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