Month: October 2014

November 2014 Discounts

In one week I will send out my monthly newsletter.

The available discounts are:
+ 25% off on commissioned works and the prints on Fine Art America
+ 10% off on commissioned works that are Halloween related until November 15, 2014

And since November is known to many as National Novel Writing Month, I will be creating custom bookmarks! Bookmarks will be 1.5″x6″. They will follow the same price set and guidelines as my ACEO cards.

If you are interested, go sign up at Please remember that if you wish to stop receiving my newsletters at a future date, you will need to contact me directly. I keep a separate list on a jump drive to keep track of my list to prevent any possible abuse should Fine Art America come under attack.


You CAN SPAM anybody. Sort of.

One of the hardest things about creating newsletters is complying with the Can Spam Act.

As some have joked, “yeah, you can spam anybody now”. So long as you put a mailing address and phone number at the bottom, you can harass whomever you want. Probably because then if you annoy them enough they can hire a hitman to find you or perhaps sign you up for all sorts of garbage if you give them a reliable way of contacting you outside of email.

While I have had some issues with getting signed up for junk by dishonorable businesses that think their mandatory request for my email means they can irritate me with every Harry, Dick, and Tom they know, it’s more of a privacy concern on my part. With a husband and son to also consider, I feel it’s irresponsible to pass out my physical address to anybody and everybody. I am saving up for a PO box, but at this time that is a luxury I honestly can’t afford.

And as far as the phone number is concerned, that’s a whole ‘nother ball game. I have a disorder that leads to severe comprehension issues with disembodied verbal communication. That means that if you call me, I have no clue what you’re saying if I can’t see you, and even then it can be dodgy. On a good day I can bluff my way through and make you think I know what you’re talking about over the phone and if I’m lucky I may actually know what the phone conversation was about. But in reality, I’m just a confused person holding a little piece of plastic that’s making weird noises and hoping it will stop soon.

For both of those reasons, I do not include either contact method on either my website or my emails. I may include my city and state location, and some day I will put the PO box up. I will never have a phone number listed.